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Management Information/Data System is a part and parcel of any organization in the 21st century. MIS not only benefits economically but also performs work without any error. They store the data and make it retrievable.

G-path or Global Path is a Management Information System that helps PCI Global and US AID to enact humanitarian activities across the globe. G-Path is capable of report generation relying on data inputs. It will cover areas like accounts, donators, inventories, food and non-food items etc.

The whole process has a central database where the inputs in one end update the others instantly. This removes the operational flaw and allows management to monitor the whole process in the view of a dashboard.

Datasys Limited is very privileged to have been attached to such generous humanitarian activity by developing maintaining and enhancing the eco-system of G-path which comprises of web, desktop and mobile solution.







Microsoft Dot Net, PHP, JavaScript, Windows Server


Aid in the decision-making process of PCI global.
Manage the information and use it to bring about the potential outcome
Single screen monitoring enhancement of the operational process
Serves in all devices like desktop, mobile and website enabling to cover a broader aspect of audience