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Selecting an IT company for your project is a decision, which can affect the health of your business for them…

E-commerce Market If you are looking to start or expand your business. Let’s not shilly-shally any longer! Let’s jump into e-commerce market. Where bring you a big piece of cake. But it has a lower startup cost. Increased Customer Reach An E-commerce puts your products or services right in the palms of the client’s hands. It put

Cancer researchers are constantly advancing the technology that doctors use to screen for, detect, and treat all kinds of cancers, and the survivability prospects have greatly improved over the past few decades. Now, AI is giving scientists another tool in the fight against the disease, and one of the biggest names in the AI game

Google executive warns of face ID bias

Facial recognition technology does not yet have “the diversity it needs” and has “inherent biases”, a top Google executive has warned. The remarks, from the firm’s director of cloud computing, Diane Greene, came after rival Amazon’s software wrongly identified 28 members of Congress, disproportionately people of colour, as police suspects. Google, which has not opened

DID YOU KNOW, THAT ACCORDING TO THE 2017 INTERNET SECURITY THREAT REPORT, OVER 7.1 BILLION IDENTITIES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED IN DATA BREACHES IN THE LAST 8 YEARS? In order to stay resilient to these breaches, it is crucial for organisations to take a proactive approach to security and weave it into the fabric of their

Who is a Business Analyst?_

A Business Analyst’s (BA’s) work can be briefly summed up as investigating business needs to conduct an analysis of the problem and propose the best possible solution. But there’s so much more behind the curtain! A Business Analyst’s main role is to engage during the early phases of a project, and conduct analysis throughout its